Anti-Diversion Commitment

Danbury Beauty is a trusted authorized reseller of the professional products available on our website. We guarantee that all the products we offer are of the highest quality, 100% authentic and genuine. Every product that leaves our retail store will not be restocked or resold. By purchasing cosmeceuticals from Danbury Beauty, you can be confident that you are receiving products directly from the manufacturer. Our rigorous selection process extends to choosing only trustworthy vendors and authorized distributors. This meticulous approach safeguards the integrity of our collection.

Fighting against counterfeit products is a battle we take seriously. We conduct exhaustive checks and balances, from vetting our suppliers to conducting detailed inspections of every item. 

We take pride in our commitment to anti-diversion, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of authenticity, leaving no room for doubt. 

What is Diversion?
Diversion is when products are sold in "unauthorized" places. Salon professional products outside of authorized dealers are considered to be "diverted". You might see a few bottles in your local supermarket, online pharmacy or drugstore, discounted stores, and third party sellers listed on websites through i.e. Amazon, Walmart, etc. These products are often diluted, expired or counterfeit.